Thursday, September 13, 2012

Exercise for penis

These days, a lot of hype is created around exercises for the genitals, which are called Kegel exercises. Unfortunately, some people who make money with sex, say that Kegel exercises can make the dead walk, and the blind to see.  
However, no serious study has not yet been proven that using Kegel exercises to get rid of premature ejaculation or make impotent penis hard. In addition, after which hardly a man can dial a phone number on a rotating disk with your penis or manage a symphony orchestra, using the penis as a conductor's baton. However Kegel exercises can help men and teach them to better understand the feelings they are experiencing in the penis or pelvis.  

Kegel exercises are quite simple and straightforward. They are based on the voltage of the very muscles that you squeeze when you sit on the toilet and puts forth a long stream, and in this time the phone rings, which sounds like something serious had happened, and you think that it is important for you . In general, there are four ways to exercise these muscles: 
Squeeze the muscles as if you did it when you do "pi" and want to make the flow of urine to stop. Repeat this 9 or 10 times. During the first two weeks of the muscles hold in this position for a few seconds. After a month and two months of training, you can keep the muscles tight for 10 seconds. (Compare with "pi" is here for you to understand which muscles should compress, generally is not worth trying to train these muscles directly in the "pi", because that way you break down your urethral tract.) 
Try to perform these exercise, alternately squeezing and relaxing your muscles. This should be done very quickly, as if you shoot the ducks in a shooting gallery. 
And now it's time when you can change the tempo. Try this several times. Note: You can do these exercises anywhere: at work, at school, at church, on a crowded subway escalator or on the way to work. However, I must warn you that it is best to do these exercises in a private setting, because the reverse movement of the muscles may cause gassing. Optional (ie, optional) exercise for men with plenty of spare time, is this: when your penis will be in a state of erection, then sit or stand with feet wide apart and try to make your penis flapping up and down or left and right, squeezing the muscles of the perineum.  

Some wives or your girlfriends might like to watch you at this time.When you master this exercise, try to make it harder, hanging on the penis small towel or cloth to increase the load.But you must be careful to avoid stretching the penis. If you work on this exercise as bonded peasant, then only Nike company will tell you what else you can hang to your penis! Of course, that before performing these exercises, you should consult with your doctor and trainer. Also, remember that you can not do anything that causes pain or may cause muscle strain. Possible benefits of exercise for the penis These exercises will strengthen the work of the entire pelvis and rectum.  
Over time, the muscles can get used to having to work in separate groups in the pelvic area, even those muscles that are used for holding of urine, and the ones that are responsible for the work of the tip of the penis.Exercise will help man to be better informed as to when the tension in these muscles occurs unintentionally. For example, the implementation of the above exercises should help man to know when tense muscles in his anus. 

 There is expert opinion, which states that the power of the sphincter muscles (ie the muscles round the anus) is usually directly connected not only with premature ejaculation, but with the emergence of hemorrhoids, as is well known, and both cause a similar feeling a little reminiscent of jubilation. Some sexologists believe that one of the keys to long-vaginal intercourse is the ability to relax the muscles of the pelvic and anal area. Some men also claim that the duration of their "run" during vaginal intercourse depends on the movement of the muscles of the pelvis and rectum, compress the opposite, that is, the ability to relax those muscles. Another obvious advantage of performing the above exercise for the penis is that they can increase the sensations experienced during orgasm.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Exercises to enlarge the penis are extremely safe and will not in any way damage. Foreseen service of Dia, Imme that you observe the necessary precautions. You must know that these penis enlargement methods are carried out only using your hands. This means that you are the one who stretches your penis with your hand and that you are the one who decides with what intensity and force, it happens on every exercise. 

It should be painful under any circumstances. If you still have pain, you're probably doing something wrong. Therefore it is very important to make sure you understand every technique and just know in every moment, what you do.

Good penis enlargement programs, how are those recommended in our comparison, offer videos that contribute to your safety as they show you how the exercises are done.
In the initial stage, you should not expose their penis heavy pressure and at least in the first weeks to be extra careful. Programs such as natural penisexercises can have both for beginners and advanced students, so you can determine their own speed and gradually increase the difficulty.

The most common mistake is to skip the warm-up exercises that are performed before each exercise period must. The warming is not only to improve the final results are important, but mainly because so any injury is prevented. Therefore, they should warm up the penis for at least 3 minutes with a warm towel.
Penis exercises are not dangerous. But as with other physical exercise, we should always warm up and know his limits. If you do not feel well, you try too hard.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Penis enlargement exercises - Jelq

According to some sources Jelq exercises pedigree goes back several thousand years ago and is derived from the Arabic tradition. Apparently it was passed by dozens of generations from father to son until it reached our times. Today there are many modifications of this technique. 

Jelq penis enlargement exercises are also called milking the penis causing the influx of large quantities of blood to the penis. As a result of this treatment is the increased internal pressure in the penis and, like the muscle exercises microdamage occurs in the tissue. They are quickly repaired and makes reconstruction are becoming larger.

Before you start to increase your penis make any of the methods of measurement of its current size. This way you will be able to determine progress. 


Before each exercise you should perform a short warm-up will stimulate blood flow in your penis. This allows the results of which will get bigger and quicker. The warm-up you can just take a warm bath or shower. Directing a stream of water to member pobudzisz circulation. Get a similar effect by wrapping the penis with a towel soaked in warm water. DO NOT SUPPRESS warm.

Milking the penis (JELQ)

To properly perform this exercise you will need olives, cream or gel lubrykacyjnego. At the beginning of the state bring to a partial erection and apply lubricant formulation on the palms and penis. Grasp your penis at the top tightening the thumb and forefinger in a circle. This setting allows you to extend the hand closest to the base of the penis near the abdomen.-exercises jelq
Sprawisz clenching fingers that the blood is trapped in the penis. Now move your hand towards the head of the penis. Movement "milking" to move the blood and stretching the penis. When you reach the glans (penis head) and grab the traffic stop member at the base of the second hand. Then release the handle to the head with the other hand, do the milking. Repeat the exercise for at least 30 minutes. Any movement along the penis should last from one to three seconds.
Squeeze practicing member of the moderate strength. Too strong grip can cause bruising and disruption of surface blood vessels. They appear as red points on the surface of the member. If you see it, this means that too much compressed.
These damages are not serious and usually disappear after 24-48 hours.
At first you start with 15 minute sessions and gradually increase the intensity for 30 minutes. Exercise 5-7 times a week.

Advanced Jelq

Many people think that this method gives much better results than traditional milking the penis. What indeed not allowed to try if you are a beginner.
This exercise is performed exactly the same as the basic variant of the Jelq. The difference arises when one hand you get to the head and the other grasping the penis at its base. It should then stop and move for 15 seconds to make the PC muscle twitch.


According to research (see below) the most noticeable effects of the length and circumference of the penis is achieved by using both supplements to speed up the growth of the member.
To exercise culminated JELQ sacrifice required is approximately 30 minutes per workout on a regular basis every day. If the maintenance of discipline is difficult for you or simply do not have a practice where maybe the solution will be called.Extender. With this method you can practice anywhere - at home, at work on a walk - what's important no one will notice.Read more about this method here: Exercises for penis

WARNING! Deciding on any intervention in its own body consult a specialist! 
Investigations on the impact of assisted means penis exercises pharmacological.

A study conducted by a party of 50 men using PenisHealth drug formulation magnifier, in conjunction with penis exercises. The study took part in people of all ages, nationalities and with different initial sizes of the penis.


The study was conducted to analyze the effects of the training program offered on the site. Respondents were selected randomly - an indication of individuals took place via email, chat or phone. In conducting the study takes into account the following variables: age of participants, length and circumference of a member before using the program, time spent on exercise per day (in minutes), the duration of the program (number of days), increase / decrease in libido, increased reduction of self-confidence, evaluation of satisfaction with the results.

Brief description of program

PenisHealth program does not cover the use of instruments in the form of push-ups, etc.. It consists of 30 exercises and techniques. Each of the descriptions are accompanied by photos and video instructions.

The study and results

The study involved 50 men aged 16 to 78 years from different backgrounds, with different sexual preferences. In addition to measuring the size of member were also measured levels of libido (subjective assessment of respondents). Groups of respondents was selected randomly.

The length of the study(inches)
after the test(inches)
after test
Check beforeControl of theHappy?


Average initial length of 15.46 cm member
Average post-test 19.31 cm
The mean increase 3.91 cm
The largest increase 8.76 cm
The smallest increment 1.77 cm
Average initial thickness of 11.45 cm member
Average post-test 14.73 cm
The mean increase 3.25 cm
The largest increase 6.32 cm
The smallest increment 1.77 cm
Sexual Stamina and drive
The average initial level of libido - 5.46 at 10
The average level of the study - 8.32 at 10
The average increase libido - 2.86

Using penis stretching exercises combined with a penis device(penis extender) which supporting its growth has resulted in an remarkable increasing in penis size and raise the level of desire.